About Us

In India, all knowledge and scholarly pursuits, whether it be pure sciences, applied sciences, medical science or literature, are believed to have their origins in the Vedas. While all this knowledge has passed from one generation to the next to reach us as we see it today, specialised knowledge, knowledge in medical sciences in particular, has always remained hereditary inheritance. Excellence in traditional medical sciences has always been viewed the prerogative of families that have remained physicians from generation to generation, for the sole reason that their expertise was seldom surpassed. Dr. V.N. Gopinathan BAMS MD belongs to one such family of physicians whose knowledge and expertise have been held in the highest regard over three generations

Ayyappan Vaidyar, Dr. Gopinathan’s grandfather, was a legendary figure among Ayurveda physicians in Kerala. Ayyappan Vaidyar’s son Narayanan Vaidyar (Vaidya Kalanidhi and Nethravaidya Visharad), inherited his father’s vast knowledge in Ayurveda. Narayanan Vaidyar entered Government service and people from far and near benefitted from his expertise. Narayanan Vaidyar was particularly popular among the weaker sections of the society, as he did not insist on remuneration when treating the poor and the needy. In the present days, his son Dr. V. N. Gopinathan, inspired and motivated by his father’s achievements, has taken the family’s reputation to new heights.

Dr. Gopinathan, having secured graduate and post-graduate qualifications in Ayurvedic Medicine, entered service with the Government of Kerala. Having recently retired as the Joint Director in the Department of Indian systems of Medicine, he has founded Dr Gopinathan’s Athreya Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, backed with a tradition of excellence in Ayurvedic medicine, is committed to the health and well-being of the society in its entirety, for generations to come.